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Resources on this website, including publications and links to other websites, are provided as a community service by the Institute for Behavior and Health. Many individual reports and studies are listed under Recommended Reading + Resources on the following pages:

The Drugged Driving Problem - Drugged Driving Laws - Enforcement - Areas for More Research

Online Resources

DUID Victim Voices - An organization that represents the interests of the victims of drugged driving, providing fact-based education and a victim perspective to decision makers and to the general public.

Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) - A non-profit organization representing the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement federal grant programs to address behavioral highway safety issues, including drugged driving. 

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( - A non-profit organization focused on eliminating drunk driving and underage drinking, with an additional focus on drug-impaired driving. The website includes an interactive state map linked with various marijuana-impaired driving laws. 

High Means DUI - A national campaign website from Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). 

National Center for DWI Courts - DWI courts are specialized, comprehensive court programs that provide individual treatment, supervision, and accountability for repeat DWI offenders. 

Stop DUID - A resource for the coalition to combat drugged driving, assembled in a simple state-by-state format to aid legislators, staff, and the general public in their understanding of the dangers presented by drugged driving.

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IBH is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that develops new ideas to reduce illegal drug use.   

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