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Resources on this website, including publications and links to other websites, are provided as a community service by the Institute for Behavior and Health. Many individual reports and studies are listed under Recommended Reading + Resources on the following pages:

The Drugged Driving Problem - Drugged Driving Laws - Enforcement - Areas for More Research


New Book from Ed Wood, founder of DUID Victim Voices, Weakest in the Nation

Colorado's DUID laws are the weakest in the nation; why and how to fix that 


Online Resources

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety - A research and education organization dedicated to saving lives by preventing traffic crashes and reducing injuries when crashes occur.

DUID Victim Voices - An organization that represents the interests of the victims of drugged driving, providing fact-based education and a victim perspective to decision makers and to the general public.

Governors Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) - A non-profit organization representing the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement federal grant programs to address behavioral highway safety issues, including drugged driving. Check out the 2018 report from GHSA and Drug-Impaired Driving: Marijuana and Opioids Raise Critical Issues for States.

Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility ( - A non-profit organization focused on eliminating drunk driving and underage drinking, with an additional focus on drug-impaired driving. The website includes an interactive state map linked with various marijuana-impaired driving laws. 

High Means DUI - A national campaign website from Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). 

National Center for DWI Courts - DWI courts are specialized, comprehensive court programs that provide individual treatment, supervision, and accountability for repeat DWI offenders. 

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - NHTSA is a part of the US Department of Transportation and conducts national research on drug- and alcohol-impaired driving with a mission focused on improving highway safety. 

Roadwise RX - An online tool from AAA for understanding how medications may affect you and your driving.

Stop DUID - A resource for the coalition to combat drugged driving, assembled in a simple state-by-state format to aid legislators, staff, and the general public in their understanding of the dangers presented by drugged driving.

We Save Lives - A leading organization that supports and promotes solution-driven policies and programs that save lives by changing dangerous driving choices - including drugged driving - through viral awareness, education, advocacy and partnerships.

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IBH is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that develops new ideas to reduce illegal drug use.   

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